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FAQ / Pricing


Frequently Asked Questions

My Pet died at home,

What do I need to do?

Give us a call 24 / 7, we will offer our services whenever the need arrives.

We would encourage you to call as soon as possible and we will accommodate as best as we can

To use our service , you can simply sign a form that

states you are the legal owner of the pet and that you authorize cremation service.

How long does cremation take?

Generally, we will have the service completed ready for pickup or delivery in two (2) business days.

Will I get our pet’s ashes back?

If you choose the ashes-back option, you can rest assured that you will be getting only the ashes of your pet back.

We have a very traceable progress tracking and labeling system in place that starts at the time of pickup.

Your pet will have an ID label that stays with it throughout the entire process, which is meticulously documented.


Do I have to go to a veterinarian for services?


All that is required for pet cremation services is to contact us,

 We will provide an authorization form for you to fill out stating you are the owner and are requesting the service.


How much does cremation cost?

Our service rates vary by the weight of the pet and services desired.


Price for Group (No Ashes Back) Cremation

All Sizes up to 100 pounds $100.00


Base prices for (Ashes Back) cremation are as follows:

Custom engraved urn is additional urn necessary

  • 1 to 20 lbs - $200
  • 20+ to 40 lbs - $225
  • 40+ to 70 lbs - $250
  • 70+ to 100 lbs - $275
  • 100+to 160 lbs - $325
  • 160+ call for more details
  • Ashes back cremation services includes a complimentary wooden urn with the pets name and actual Paw Print engraved on the lid

along with a paint paw print, matted, ready for framing.


There will be a minimum 25.00 fee for picking up within 25miles of Valley City, North Dakota. There will be a 40-cent-per-mile fee for one-way distances over 25 miles from Valley City.

Can I purchase additional urns and paw prints?

Yes, our engraved urns have been very popular;

we charge

$55.00 each for each additional urn with name engraved

$25.00 per paw print engraved on urn lid

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