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Gone but Not Forgotten

Our stories can be retold through pictures


What our service includes

Every Ashes back service is returned in a wooden urn with the pets name and Paw print engraved on the lid.

We also send you the original Ink or paint paw print which is matted and engraved ready for framing.

Every Ashes back creamation, has a  print taken and we keep a copy on file for the purpose of engraving on other gift and memorial items if you choose in the future.


Attention to detail

We take great care in preparing the paws for a quality paw print. A paw from each pet is trimmed and groomed so as to capture the highest quality print possible.


In house custom engraving

Now with in house laser engraving capabilities, we feel that we offer a unique element which enables us to quickly provide you with a simplified solution to the difficult decisions that arise after losing a loved pet.

Solutions in your most difficult time

When the time comes unexpectedly and your pet passes, we are not "bothered" by the phone call in the middle of the night to assist in your time of need. We encourage you to call and we will make arrangements to pick up and supply a solution to the situation as soon as possible

We can tell you that we treat each pet as if it were our own family and give it all of the dignity, care and respect that we can during its time with us.

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