Companion Animal Cremation of North Dakota -  Respectful Afterlife Care For Your Pet
We offer two types of cremation services at Companion Animal Cremation of North Dakota: Private Cremation, and Group Cremation.
Private Cremation is for those wishing to receive their pet's ashes.  Each pet is cremated individually to ensure that the owner will receive only their pet's ashes. The ashes will be returned in a wood urn at no additional cost.  
Group Cremation is for those who do not wish to receive their pet's ashes.  The pet will be cremated with other pets.  The ashes from the group cremations spread throughout our trees, pastures, and flower gardens. 
A transportation fee will be charged for picking up pets from your home.  We do make weekly trips to Fargo on Wednesday and Jamestown on Friday and can schedule to pick up your pet for no transportation charge on those days. You may also drop your pet off by appointment only at our facility located by Oriska, ND. 

Ashes will be ready for pick up in 2 business days and can be picked up at our location or returned to your veterinary clinic or home when we are in the area.  Ashes can also be mailed Priority Mail Express.
Please call or text if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment. 

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